Ringtones Offline – Android Studio Template


This application was developed using Android Studio and AdMob and StartApp ads are available, easily reskin and safe for Playstore

Demo APK : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Y6THWeH6TpEBjYQdeRXtEh10UMf8rN8N


  • Play Ringtone
  • Offline
  • Category
  • Set Ringtone
  • More


  • Android Studio
  • Admob Account
  • StartApp Account
  • SDK 28


I will explain how to change the AdMob ad ID in this application.
Open file DataIklan.java

     public class DataIklan {     public static String banner="ca-app-pub-your banner id";     public static String intersial="ca-app-pub-your interstisial id";     public static String app_is="ca-app-pub-your apps id";        

Adjust with your admob id
Open File RingtonesHome.java

     Find :    StartAppSDK.init(this, "your id startapp", true);        

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