Alien Mutant Mine Crawlers – 2D Sprites



The crawler perfectly fits in your game as a hostile creature. While it’s primarily designed to be placed in cave areas there is no limit to it. For instance it would be a good idea to place the toxic skin crawler in forests and the red skin to warm desert like areas. Crawlers have spiky arms that can pierce through their prey so it might be a good choice to avoid fighting them!

List of Animations

  1. attack fliphit
  2. attack ground spike
  3. attack ground stab transition
  4. attack ground stabs full cycle
  5. attack ground stabs loop
  6. attack slash
  7. attack slash loop
  8. death classic
  9. death leg chop
  10. death long
  11. death short
  12. double jump
  13. hurt
  14. idle a
  15. idle b
  16. jump fall
  17. jump strike
  18. jump up
  19. out of nowhere
  20. roll
  21. run
  22. shield
  23. shield hit
  24. shield idle
  25. walk
  26. walk fast



Hatchlings are the tiny baby version of crawlers. They are designed to be less dangerous compared to their fully grown brothers. However in groups or in masses hatchlings can quickly turn out deadly. Don’t underestimate them!

List of animations:

  1. attack
  2. death
  3. death classic
  4. hatch from egg
  5. hurt
  6. idle
  7. walk
  8. walk fast



The egg is where baby crawlers hatch from. Destroy the eggs before they have a chance to attack you!

List of Animations:

  1. death
  2. hit
  3. idle a
  4. idle b



  • unique designed characters
  • useful 3 different skins
  • lots of creative animation
  • perfect for populating your game with enemy creatures
  • 100% Vector
  • PNG Animation exports
  • source files included (.ai, .eps, .scml, .psd for vfx)
  • High resolution and professional visual effects available as psd + png format


The package comes with PNG sequenced animations  that enable you to develop your game independently of any requirements.

if you want to customize / edit character you will need a vector based software such as Illustrator
If you want customize / edit the animations you will need Brashmonkey Spriter


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