Cyberpunk Platformer Game Tile and Enviromentset


Tile and Enviromentset for your next platformer Game

Populate your game with the props & items included in this tileset.  From street lamps to vehicles over buildings to sky train everything ready to be used in your game.

The Tiles size are 256×256.
The props have different sizes.
The loopable background is 1920×1080.

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Matching cyberpunk themed character package for this tileset:



  • over 100 props and sprites (objects,items,decorations)
  • background scene as well as wall tiles
  • building tiles
  • animated assets such as doors,coins even a crow animated in Brashmonkey Spriter with 6 different animations
  • 3 different main tilesets with additional color variations
  • all drawn in cartoon style with cyberpunk / sci-fi theme
  • 100% Vector
  • 100% customizable


If you want to edit the tileset, props, items or background you will need a vector based drawing editor such as illustrator.

The package includes a raven bird which is animated in Spriter. So to edit the animations for this 1 asset you would need Brashmonkey Spriter which you can download for free.


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