Teddy Bear 2D Game Character Sprites


With this character asset you are not only capable of creating games like Jetpack Joyride, Banana Kong and Hill Climb Racing but also classic platformer games. Teddy Bear can be played as Hero, used as Enemy or even placed as NPC as more than 40 animations are included in this package which covers a wide range of animations.


  • over 40 animations
  • customizable drawings
  • editable animations
  • source files included
  • 100% vector
  • animations exported as png sprites
  • character exported as separated body parts and spritesheet
List of animations:
  1. baseballbat slam
  2. baseballbat slash
  3. crouch idle
  4. dance charming
  5. dance heavy metal
  6. die
  7. hurt
  8. idle
  9. idle baseballbat
  10. interact with object (e.g open door, pick up something)
  11. jetpack drop
  12. jetpack fall
  13. jetpack fly
  14. jetpack fly back
  15. jump a
  16. jump b
  17. jump c
  18. jump full
  19. lasersword slash
  20. parachute
  21. pull
  22. push
  23. revive (when dead)
  24. roll
  25. rope a (holding a rope)
  26. rope b
  27. rope c
  28. rope d
  29. run and fall (for being hit by obstacle in a runner game)
  30. run side (ted from side view)
  31. run side jetpack
  32. run halfside (ted from half front and half side view)
  33. run halfside jetpack
  34. sit-ups
  35. slide
  36. swim
  37. swim idle
  38. vehicle drive
  39. vehicle lets drive (idle animation)
  40. walk
  41. wall slide



The package comes with PNG sequenced animations  that enable you to develop your game independently of any requirements.

if you want to customize / edit character you will need a vector based software such as Illustrator
If you want customize / edit the animations you will need DragonBones


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