Smart WebView Android App Source Code


web View easy way to convert you website to Android App with bottom navigation 
and used get your website more used and fast web site open working on all android version . This a easy and fast way to convert your web site to andtoid app just  change the URL i app 


WebView ,  
android 9 NetworkSecurityConfig No Network Security Config specified using platform default

  • Custom trust anchors: Customize which Certificate Authorities (CA) are trusted for an app’s secure connections. For example, trusting particular self-signed certificates or restricting the set of public CAs that the app trusts.
  • Debug-only overrides: Safely debug secure connections in an app without added risk to the installed base.
  • Cleartext traffic opt-out: Protect apps from accidental usage of cleartext traffic.
  • Certificate pinning: Restrict an app’s secure connection to particular certificates.
  • Bottom Navi Bar 
  • Multipal page view 
  • Search view in webview


  • Android Studio


  • Unzip Project File 
  • Open Project File On Android Studio
  • Run Project
  • Open README files for instructions 
  • Change UI Design Colors, App Logo And Splash Screen Image For Reskin.