My Book Online – iOS App Template


This complete app written in swift 4 brings to users a book app index/chapter wise with multiple content lanuages. Users can search different categories, save their favorite ones and see the favorite  list. You can add your own Index, Chapter and Detail by add data in admin panel. From this app you can create Book App as well as Quote App.
 This App includes lots of functionalities like, Search with highlight, Change Text Color & Size, Bookmark, Choose Language, Left Navigation Drawer, Attractive UI Design, etc. All Book informationare get from Admin Panel and you can manage admin panel easily.

Availabel in Android App


  • Choose Language: You can choose Content Language.
  • Notification: Notification display when new book added from Admin Panel
  • Search: Search by word or sentence. Highlight searched word in detail screen so you can easily find out what you want to read.
  • Text: Set Text Color and Size as per your choice
  • Code: Full iOS source code
  • Next-Previous: You can see next – previous by swiping
  • Favorite quotes: When user see a chapter/quote they like, they can store it and access directly anytime they want.
  • Admin Panel: All data in app is coming from user friendly Admin Panel
  • Navigation Drawer: Left Navigation Drawer for display important or other feachers.
  • iOS & iPad support:
  • Flat design: It has a flat attractive UI design matching current web and app design trends.
  • Easy customization: It has a minimum list touch and so there only a few elements. Concerning this fact and the use of the Storyboard, it is easy to change colors and fonts.
  • UI Design: You can change UI using Storyboard and create your own UI.
  • Use of Storyboard: In order to provide a visual reference and speed up development.
  • Clean & commented code: The code tries to be as basic as possible and there are comments on the most important parts.
  • Auto resize with all devices: The UI adapts itself using StoryBoard and shows or hides certain elements to fit all screens.
  • Share app:You can share app to your friends for use that app via social media
  • Rate app



  • My Book iOS app is made in Swift 4.2 using Xcode 10.1. The Project can
      be open in Xcode 8.0 or above. The deployment target for the app is  above 12.0 OS Version. 
  • My Book iOS app is compatible with all devices from iPhone 5S to iPhone XS Max 
  •  Admin Panel Code is written in PHP




Username : admin

Password : admin

What you get

  • Documentation for Swift code & Admin Panel
  • Full Swift Source Code
  • Admin Panel and Database files
  • Set of Icons