Felimp – HyperCasual Game Unity Source Code


FeLimp is a simple casual game in which you have to reach the flag on its opposite side. Its so simple, Right ?

Sometime you should be accurate and sometime you have to wait. May be sometime there will be a glitch too. 


1. Handcrafted 53 unique levels

2. Chartboost ads

3. IAP to remove ads

4. Ads display at every 5th try on same level

5. Skip level using rewarded videos

6. Auto background change

7. Premium music

8. 3 different characters.

9. Int ads/ Rewards ads at every 5th,10th,15th,20th…so on level

10. Perfectly editable game scenes

11. Level selector and Settings menu

12. Ready to launch game for Google play store.

13. Game size under 40 Mb


Unity 3d

Chatboost SDK and ad ids


Download source file

Unzip blackie

Import it on Unity 2018 editor

Install chartboost plugin –> Click chartboost ad id column in game editor tab and replace with your ad ids.

Click main scene to edit the game name.

Install Visual Studio to edit game script if needed.

Reskin or add ad ids

Debug and run game.

Publish on Playstore