Jtranslater – Ultimate Subtitle Translater PHP


Jtranslater is one stop solution for all your subtitle translation needs.

Don’t want to wait for your favourite movies or TV shows subtitles in your native language, here comes the Jtranslater to rescue which is light-weight, fast and supports translation in more than 100 languages without any need of API.

Demo – admin/admin



  1. Very fast translation mechanism
  2. Less load on server(because of client side translation processing)
  3. Google material design
  4. Responsive UI
  5. More than 20 color palletes
  6. Inbuilt Admin Panel
  7. Facebook comment plugin
  8. User registration functionality with email verification support
  9. Website customization options
  10. Subtitle search functionality with auto-suggest mechanism
  11. Anonymous translation supported


Jtranslater will work perfectly on almost any web hosting. However, I strongly recommend using on the server with following configurations:

PHP versionMinimum required PHP version for this plugin is 5.4
MySQL versionMinimum required MySQL version for this plugin is 5.5.3
MySQL user permissionCREATE TABLE permission required
/install.phpFile permission should be set to 777
/config.phpFile permission should be set to 777
/test.db.phpFile permission should be set to 777
/origSubsDirectory permission should be set to 777
/subtitlesDirectory permission should be set to 777
mod_rewriteURL rewriting should be enabled on your server.

Please note that, origSubs and subtitles folder should be writable in order for this script to function properly as all the subtitles after being translated are uploaded to these folders only, so please make sure that these two folders are writable.


Note: Instructions given in documentation itself.