Ja Hover Widget Effect CSS


A simple html widget with minimalist design, designed to integrate into your own site, allowing you to add photos, videos or any other content with hover effect for present your team, portofolio, content or another information.


Hover effect
Backgroun effect
Icon effect
Content effect


Boostrap 4.3.1(min)

Fontawesome 4.7.0(min)


Ja Hover Widget

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 Files Structure

css file

The product uses style.css file which contains texts classes, reset class design and css animation effect.

images folder

We put all the images in this folder. If needed, you can use a different one.

html files

For your convenience i created a demo.html and only_code.html file. In demo.html file you’ll find an full example, and in only_code.html you’ll find all the necessary code for implementation in your site.

 HTML/JS code for implementation

Step 1: Copy on your server/project the following folders: images, css. Of course you can move the files in other folders, but you’ll take care to correct the paths to the files
Step 2: Open the demo.html file.
Step 3: Put code from in the section of your file , this only if you don’t have installed Boostrap and Fontawsome in your website.