Android News App Source Code


The Android News app with the Admin Panel is a news portal app that is currently very popular among readers around the world. This application is made with Android Studio 3.4.1 software, you do not have to create news portal application from scratch, you simply use this application then all problems will be resolved. In this app you can set the news to be post to everyone. More details can see details below.

google.png admin.png

login: admin
password: qwerty

So this will be very useful for all user who loves to learn different recipes online.


  • Android Native Code with Android Studio
  • News Book With Different Categories
  • Details of News Like Ingredients, Method etc..
  • Display News With Multiple Photos.
  • Display Large Preview of Images and Zoom in and Zoom Out that photo.
  • Firebase Push Notification Integrated.
  • AdMob Integrated.
  • Ready Made PHP Backend
  • Web Services.
  • And Many More….

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