2048 – Complete Unity Game

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Product Name2048 – Complete Unity Game
Product Price $25
Product Market codester.com
Product CategoryCasual
Product Tags 2048, 2d, admob, android, arcade, Block, casual, casual game, game, iOS, source, source code, Unity, Unity Game


This is a complete Unity game, called 2048.
It is ready for release, and it’s excellent for learning purposes.
Contains Admob and Unity Ads


How to play?
On mobile : Swipe left-right or up-down to make the blocks move.
On desktop/web : Use W-A-S-D or the arrow keys to make the blocks move.
Your goal is to merge the blocks which have the same values.
However, if all of the blocks are full, then the game is over.

Background music by Eric Matyas: http://www.soundimage.org
Sound effects: https://www.noiseforfun.com


  • Implemented Admob and Unity Ads
  • One endless level
  • Sound effects, background music
  • Commented, clean C# scripts
  • Easy customization
  • Basic menu
  • Responsive UI
  • Compatible with mobile and desktop
  • Works with Text Mesh Pro


Unity 2019.1.1f1


  • The game is very easy to reskin and setup
  • Admob and Unity Ad networks are implemented
  • Documentation contains everything about setup and reskin

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