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Create JIRA Issues without logging in!

Atlassian JIRA is very well known cloud-based software for Agile team collaboration – Product Backlog management, Issue tracking, visualization of the workflows, Agile reporting, and a lot of other things that are key for Digital Delivery and Agile Project Management in 2020.

Problem is – not many Business stakeholders like it, or sometimes the IT people don’t want to just give JIRA Project access to everyone they’d like input from…

So we’ve developed a simple yet powerful and highly configurable PHP script and a mobile-friendly HTML Single-Page-Application (SPA) that will allow you to expose your JIRA Project without having to create new User records and allow those third-parties or Business people get “into JIRA”.

Accessing DEMO

As we had to protect our open-Internet DEMO Form from various bots and people with too much time on their hands, it will ask you to enter a password to submit the form successfully.

Password should be appended as a PHP GET URL parameter, but if it doesn’t for any reason, please use ‘jira123’ as password when prompted.


As every Atlassian JIRA instance is unique, and so is your Project, you’d need to update the /config.php file according to the instructions we’ve provided in the .ZIP archive and the comments in the PHP code.

We highly recommend that you read the included Instructions PDF document, as it tells you in great detail what you need to do before editing the PHP files and uploading those to your PHP-enabled server.


This PHP script is coming “as-is”, which means that we guarantee it’s functionality and support for the presently available conditions for Atlassian JIRA software.

Specifically, that they keep allowing Basic Authentication method via RESTful API token, which allowed us to keep the code transparent and easy for you to edit.

We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions about how to make the script work for your specific needs, but do not promise any fixes or support IF the conditions surrounding JIRA software change significantly (e.g. if Atlassian decides to not support Basic Authentication or RESTful API access one day… We have no reasons to believe they would, but we have to be transparent about our intentions here).

Additional Features or Advanced Customisation

As the script is provided “as-is”, and as demonstrated and advertised in the YouTube video, we are committed to helping you getting it up and running, if you’re struggling with any of our Instructions (just please read those first!).

Any extra features like more complex HTML Form behavior, extra validation rules, other JIRA manipulation API calls, etc, etc, would be considered extra effort and is not included in our Support commitment due to the nebulous nature of what this could entail.

Any such requests are welcome, but will be evaluated and priced on case-by-case basis.

Other scripts

We have other PHP and JavaScript solutions that we intend to package and advertise for sale and FREE download, so please keep an eye on our listings here, and visit scripts.joinagile.com if you’d like to learn more about our current offerings.


  • Native PHP, no fancy libraries;
  • Coded for easy editing, configuration and deployment;
  • Uses JIRA RESTful API v2;
  • Bootstrap-based mobile-friendly SPA Form template;
  • Very well-documented.


  • Administrator access to a JIRA Instance;
  • PHP-enabled web hosting server;
  • Ability to follow detailed installation instructions;
  • Ability to edit basic PHP and HTML code.


  • Unzip the archive into a new folder;
  • Read the included .PDF Instructions file;
  • Obtain your JIRA API Token, as instructed;
  • Find out all the necessary values from your JIRA instance, as instructed;
  • Update the included /config.php file with new values;
  • Update the included /index.php file with the desired HTML formatting and the text of your own;
  • Upload both .PHP files and all the folders from the unzipped archive into a new folder on your PHP-enabled web server;
  • Hit the URL and take your JIRA Issue Creator for a spin!

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