Trap Adventure – Unity Game Template


Trap Adventure is a jump and run Game/Platforms parody of Mario. But there are traps and nasty peculiarities which make the game more hard. A simple run and jump is not possible. Skill and a bit of imagination is needed here.
The game requires the player to think logically through trial-and-error in order to complete the game.

Trap Adventure is the most difficult action game in the world. It is full of infinite challenge and traps, made for only the most experienced gamers. If you think you have what it takes give it a try. But please don’t break your phone.

Trap Adventure has comes up with mixed Puzzle game features.

Download Android APK


+ Easy to Reskin.
+ 4 Worlds (90+ Traps).
+ Very Hard (Lots of Death).
+ Use Unity 2019.3
+ Unity Ads (Rewarded Video)

How to Play:
+ Controller for PC:
Move: Left(A)/Right(D)
Crouch: Down(S)
Jump: Space
Dash: Left shift
Pause/Unpause game: Enter
+ Controller for Mobile are the buttons on screen.


+ Use Unity 2019.3