Halcyon Ad Blocker – iOS App Source Code



VERSION 2.0! Custom block lists and white listing are now here! We have spent over a week cracking the custom block list problem and with this release, you will have a leg up on your competition.

BREAKING NEWS! Now that Crystal has been outed as accepting payment from advertisers to white list them there is a double opportunity here: 1, you can create your ad blocker to stand against the advertisers and not give in to their bribes. Or, 2, you could follow the same path as Crystal and word both sides of the coin. Either way, this is just the beginning of an app category that’s getting a lot of great press and exposure!

The great migration to iOS 9 has already begun, get in on iOS 9 ad blocking now! Crystal has sold over 200k apps on the App Store and new devices are making their way to user’s hands. This means that over the next few weeks and months, there is going to be a flood of people looking to buy an ad blocker. Maybe it could be yours?

There is a unique opportunity here that only comes once in an platform’s lifetime. Some web browser blockers boast users in the hundreds of millions and the App Store has over 350m users with credit cards waiting to buy! Reskin or just change the app name and get it in the store asap!


  • Custom block lists!
  • User whitelisting!
  • Launch screen
  • Main App Settings screen
  • User Whitelist Manager screen
  • Help screen
  • Mobile Safari screens for Help section
  • Email form for contact
  • Interface Builder & code Localized
  • Source icons
  • Utility to generate your own block lists


  • Includes all swift source files, graphics icons and Sketch source files


  • Requires XCode 7, iOS 9, 64-bit devices.


All source graphics and Sketch logo are supplied. Everything is done in interface builds and documentation for custom colors, how to add images, etc is included. A re-skin of this app would only take 60-180 minutes. It will run as-is right out of the box.