Hole vs Bombs – Unity 3D Complete Project


In this game, you control a hole (!) and you have to move it by touching

on the screen and put all the blocks that are on the screen into to
hole. The first levels are just warm ups and you don’t face any
challenges in them. But then bombs start appearing between blocks and if
you get one of these bombs into the hole, you will lose the game! So,
this is not as easy as it seems. This game has 60 levels by default and
as you progress, you will face greater challenges in them.

Important Note: Please check ThirdPartyNotices text file in the package for information about third party contents used in this product.


–  60 unique levels
–  Casual game
–  Bright and colorful graphics
–  Easy to customize


Unity 3D version 2018.3.0f2 or higher


Install unity 2018.3.0f2 or higher version to load up the project and
see the read me file for details about editing, reskining and etc.