Facts World – iOS Facts and Notes Application


Are you searching for cool facts? Or just interesting facts about everything? You will learn about interesting information about the whole world from our iOS application.

Facts World helps everyone better understand that things around us are beautiful. You should try it if you like learning something new every day and share amazing new facts with your friends. Let’s get smarter together!

Expand your knowledge horizons with Facts World. This app contains hundreds of facts that you or your next door neighbour most likely didn’t know before.Facts World has one of the best archives of fun and interesting facts for you to share with friends and family. 

Did you know that cats can jump up to 7 times their tail length? Or that the Hawaiian alphabet has 12 letters?
Still not satisfied? Then get your portion of random facts from our app – just download it above!


  • Google AdMob ads banner
  • In-App purchase to remove ads and unlock share functionality 
  • Well documented code
  • 100% Ready to publish on AppStore
  • Easy to re-skin
  • Beautiful and professional looking design
  • Nice royalty free background video
  • Large amount of facts and stories 


  • MacOS
  • iOS Device or Simulator
  • Latest Xcode with swift 5



  • Change the Bundle Identifier and Team Section
  • !!! IMPORTANT !!! Re-skin the app before the AppStore submission 
  • Carefully read documentation 
  • You are ready to go

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