Multi-Stage Quiz Firestore – Android Source Code


This An Online Quiz Powered by Firestore Database ,   

You Can Create Categories and each Category Have 10 stages And You unlock stages by Gathering points from other stages, and all questions and categories are from Firestore Database and that means you can add or remove or update your content anytime whitout any problems .

and we have also a score board that keeps record of the points you players gathered in each category and present them in an elegant way
-GamePlay :

 your  player can get away with three Wrong answers every run, and if he use all his chances he will lose and the Quiz is going to show him a message if he wants to give it another try or play another Category .
and there’s a timer that goes down with every new question and if the time is up and the player didn’t answer he’s going to lose a heart and the quiz is going to roll to the next question ,

and if the user chose a wrong answer the button is going to be colored red then the correct answer well be revealed .

and every time the player gather enough points to unlock a new stage the quiz will show him a popup to congrats and invite him to play it .

– Monetization:
we integrated Admob ads in the quiz Banners and interstitial ads 
and you can easily add you information and activate the ads and start Monetizing the app
and this is explained in details in the documentation(With the Files)


  1. Online(Firebase-Firestore)
  2.  you Can Create as much Categories as you like 
  3.  Stage Opening Score System 
  4. an Offline Score Board 
  5. Background Music(Customizable)
  6. GDPR
  7. Easy Customization
  8. Google AdMob Banner & Interstitial Integration
  9. Attractive Design
  10. Full Android Source Code
  11. Easy To Reskin
  12. Full Documentation


  • Android Studio 
  • Google Firebase account – all Instructions are  provided(Documentation)


  1. Download The Files 
  2. Open A Google Account
  3. Open Android Studio
  4. Connect android studio with your google account
  5. Click on tools 
  6. click on firebase 
  7. Scroll down and click on firesore
  8. Fllow the instruction in the menu 
  9. congrats your project is ready
  10. Fellow the Documentation  to know how to add Categories and how to add Questions to those Categories 
  11. Good Luck

Here’s The Database Structure 

Collection Name = Categories


Collection Name = Questions