Sounds Vibes – Full iOS Application


Sounds Vibes – is a full iOS application. It includes two main menus, there you can listen, mix, record, share and just enjoy your favourite sounds. High quality pictures with high quality Royalty free sounds are perfectly combined to calm you down and provide you a great mood at any time you want. 

Choose any sound you like: ocean waves, wind, thunder, rain, night silence, blooming spring and other available sounds. 

Breathe, listen and enjoy the charming application design and calming sounds vibes. 

The application also has a lot of useful functions: sounds vibes timer, sounds items, record and share buttons, in-app purchase, AdMob banner and AdMob interstitial, two different play sounds menus and so on.


  • Google AdMob interstitial and banner to show ADS
  • In-App purchase to remove ADS
  • Easy to re-skin
  • High quality graphics
  • High quality sounds 
  • System notifications
  • Record and share functionality
  • Sounds timer
  • Royalty free music and audio
  • Full iOS application
  • Professional design


iPhone, MacBook, Xcode


Download ‘Main files and documentation’ folder, open the documentation and follow the instructions there.