Jumpy Hedgehog – Construct 3 Game Complete Project


In this game, you control a hedgehog who has a grudge against mole rats and so likes to jump on their heads! But beware of the scarecrows and flowers because if you jump on them, you will lose the game! You can jump farther by holding tap and you will lose the game if you hit the ground too. You score is based on how many mole rats you have jumped on. And if you are able to jump on heads of two moles at the same time, you will super jump and earn a lot of score! So, keep jumping on their heads and earn scores!


– Made with Construct 3 engine

– Endless gameplay
– Score based gameplay
– Cartoon graphics
– Casual game
– Simple yet challenging gameplay
– Compatible with HTML5 browsers


Construct 3 Game Engine


Open .c3p file with construct 3 game engine and change what you want.You need a personal or commercial license.