Puzzle Ninja – Unity Project


Puzzle Ninja is a puzzle game in which you help the Ninja to find a route to the exit by pushing revolving doors and boxes. The route to exit is blocked by holes, spinning doors and boxes. Boxes can be pushed into holes to make them traversable or aside.  Pushing one door might close off another part of your path, so a plenty of brain-power is required for success. In versus mode a multiplayer (based on firebase) feature is avaible in which you can post a challenge by clearing levels in a minimum possible time for others to beat.


  1. Made in Unity 2019.2.21f1
  2. Turnbased Multiplayer feature based on firebase
  3. Simple and addictive gameplay
  4. 30 levels
  5. Stunning graphics
  6. Awesome UI
  7. Easy to Reskin
  8. Optimized for mobile
  9. Ready to Publish
  10. Export to Android and iOS
  11. 64 bit ReadyLead our hero to glory by solving all puzzles


Install Unity 2019.2.21f1


  • The game is very easy to reskin and setup
  • Documentation is present in Assets folder

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