Retro Vibes Buildbox Template


Plunge into the atmosphere of retro music and feel like a real DJ! 

This is a cool application that allows you to combine different sounds and create real masterpieces. Four game modes are divided into the main categories: drum pad, guitar, vinyl records and tape recordings. 

Choose a compelling melody and make it several times cooler than the original, using the rest of the application tools.


  • High quality sounds and images
  • AdMob banner and AdMob interstitial to show ADS
  • Easy to export to iOS and Android 
  • Four play modes: drum pad, guitar, vinyl records, cassette records
  • Easy menu navigation
  • Adjusted buttons
  • Cool objects events animations
  • Easy to re-skin 
  • Made with Biuldbox FREE plan


Buildbox free plan


Download the ‘Main files and documentation’ folder, open the documentation and follow the instructions there.