Space Shooters – iOS App Game Source Code



The sources for awesome game which cost us $3,000 to implement.

The games functions on both platforms since it’s made with Cocos2D try it out on Android and iTunes:

The game has unique gameplay and contains a lot of mechanics so you can build almost any Portrait game based on them. (like racing games, running games, dashing, avoiding ones, everything)


How to Setup and Reskin

The Support:

We provide full support so when you have questions, we’re here to answer. Hope you are as excited as me about this one. So let’s get reskining.

Full documentation is provided with:

  • Images needed to be changed
  • Sounds folder – if you need to change it
  • Where to insert your Chartboost IDs for and Android


Features and Requirements

  • Chartboost
    The Inter Ad appears each time users run the app game(on the menu screen) and at the Game Over Screen, when fails a level.
  • RevMob
    In the current version it is disabled but can be enabled in the configuration. It’s already integrated
  • In-App Purchases
    Awesome Coin shops with 3 different packages + Upgrade button which is for removing ads in the game


How to Reskin your App with this Assets

There is Resourcesimages folder in the app which contains all images. The animation can be found in *.PNG files. It will look like this: