Chenla 3D Fighting Unity Game Source Code


Chenla is 3D game attack in angkor scene with many type of enemy.
Game story board relate to khmer culture. with characters behavior


+ Story board relate to khmer culture near chenla
   -Chenla story board
+ Characters
   -character select
   -character design
   -map cambodia country select
   -battle scene
   -play attacking with enemy
   -a little enemy AI
   -characters 2D character select
   -character 3D battle scene
   -animation attack,dead…


That package it not really complete to push to store.but it cool concept of attack 2.5D game
Derm Tnout Team : need fun to develop more to complete features like :
   * 2D character
   * 3D character
   * Animation
   * Scene Play
   * Map select
   * Character comboo
   * Complete AI for enemy
+ Other feature
   – In app purchase
   – Achievement and leaderboard
   – Facebook leaderboard
   – Facebook share
   – Rate
   – Analytic
   – Banner and interstitial
   – Video rewarded
If you want to get complete project with story board please contact our team to develop to get complete project for you.
Or you can buy this package to develop more with missing features


Unity 4.6 or higher