Crazy Glass Brick – Unity Source Code


This endless game provides you a solution for your leisure time with amazing and simple gameplay and intuitive Controls. The game is simple and straightforward and you would love it from the very first encounter and gameplay.

This project is 100% complete and working. This app comes with the following exciting and amazing Features:
Game Features:

– Simple, intuitive and easy to use one touch controls 


  • Cross Platform (Android, IOS, Windows)
  • Admob Ads (Banner & Interstitial) Integrated
  • Chartboost Integrated (Interstitial)
  • Unity Video Ads Integrated
  • Vungle Video Ads Integrated
  • Google Analytics Integrated
  • Google Play Services (Leaderboard)
  • Native Social Sharing Feature (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp….)
  • Fully Integrated Sounds


  • Unity 5.0 or higher version


Install unity 5.0 or higher version and the project will load up just fine.I have already built it and deployed to android,ios and windows phones

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