Movie Mania – Xamarin Source Code


Basically this app allows you see the details of a movie like ratings,
concept,small story of the movie,nice wallpaper,starcast and crew etc.
This is nicely designed ,one can learn a lot from this app for xamarin platform.


App is developed in Xamarin.Forms so will support android, ios,uwp
App is complete app,and well designed so no changes are required
You can find all latest movies,upcoming movies and also search movies
Good opportunity to learn Xamarin.Forms.And also to learn to consume REST api


Visual studio with Xamarin
Android SDK which will be automatically installed,please follow the link-……


Install instruction-
1.Install visual studio with xamarin.Follow this links-……

2.Open visual studio solution that is movieDB.sln file

3.If you want to debug and analyze the codes..can go through the codes.
IF you want to make an apk file from it,just right click yPlayer.Android project,
and click Archive.

4.Once archived,you need to click publish and then there you go,if you have you will be generate apk file.

Please let me know if you find any difficulty,Iam always available.Here is my mail id-
[email protected]
[email protected]