Facebook And Twitter Card Viewer – PHP Script



Facebook & Twitter Card Viewer is a PHP script that fetches meta data from any URL and previews a card in the browser.


This script includes a rich crawler written in PHP. It crawls and get card-related meta data from any URL. It can even find endpoints of short URLs and get the data from the last URL. Also, the crawler is well-commented and can be easily modified to do more complicated tasks.

Card Preview

The preview is approximate. I have tried my best to recreate the view. But, with new updates of Facebook and Twitter this cards may vary. Currently, following types are supported

* Normal Facebook cards
* Twitter summary cards
* Twitter summary_large_image cards 

For what?

  1. Learn: You can learn some things about crawling, fetching, handling redirects, cURL,
  2. Earn MoneyYou can host this script in your website and you can earn by showing ads in this page. Just signup to a advertising site (Ex: Adsense) then place your ad code at the bottom.
  3. For Debugging: You can use this script to debug your web pages, find if the card views are working fine. And, to check the meta tags.


Can I use this for commercial purposes? Yes. Make sure you buy the extended license.

Can I easily customize this script? Of course, that’s what I have designed this for.

Can I earn money from hosting this? Yes, there are many websites do the same thing. 

Do I get support after buying this? Yes, I like to help my customers any time.


  •  Well-commented PHP Script
  • Built on an OOP model
  • Javascript is also commented when it comes to tricky things
  • Built on bootstrap and jquery
  • Crawler supports 301, 302 redirects
  • Fast fetcher
  • Card Previews
  • Meta tags previews
  • Supports facebook cards, twitter summary and summary_large_image cards
  • Supported in all the modern browsers


  • PHP 5.3+
  • cURL extension


  • Host the script in a PHP supported host
  • Make sure cURL is enabled
  • Yay! it should work very well. If not, I’m here to help you.