Follow Following PHP Script


Follow Following php script for multi users widely used in popular platform like twitter, facebook, linkedin etc. 


  • Follow- following
  • Easy to use
  • Multi user


  • Php
  • Mysql


Step 1. Uncompressing downloaded file.
   Uncompress the follow-following version 1.0 script archive. The archive will create
   a directory called “follow-following”

Step 2. Uploading files.
   Upload content of this folder (all files and directories it includes) to your 
   document root (public_html, www, httpdocs etc.) or your website directory using FTP.
   Pay attention to DON’T use the capital letters in the name of the folder (for Linux users).


Step 3. Creating database.
   Using your hosting Control Panel, phpMyAdmin or another tool, create your database and user, and assign 
   that user to the database. Provide the user you created with required permissons to allow the user to
   read, edit, execute and perform all tasks across the created database (SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE etc.).
   Write down the name of the database, username, and password in cofig,php file then import database.sql 
   in your database.

Congratulations, you now have follow-following functionality!