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SPPcms is perfect solution for creating Small/Medium Websites.
Never been easy to find simple, light weight and easy to use CMS.
With SPPcms you can create unlimited Pages, custmize layout, activate built in options,
install Dozens of Plugins and much more.
SPPcms has a powerful simple Admin Panel with great Features and options which makes the Administration process as easy as possible.



  • Modern Responsive Design using Bootstrap 4
  • Light weight, No Database
  • Easy to install
  • Full automated (No need for extra settings)
  • Highly customizable, No need for Coding
  • Dozens of ready to use extra Plugins


  • Login/Logout page
  • Profile administration
  • Site settings
  • Layout settings for changing the look and feel of your Website
  • Navbar settings for controlling the menu appearance
  • Pages Sorting in Navbar/Footer for Order the Pages Links
  • Controlling the Pages Links Appearance in Menu Left/Right/Footer or Both
  • Contact Form – As Extra Plugin
  • Follow us – 20 social Buttons available
  • Subscribe Form – Ready to use subscribe Form with advanced options
  • Visitors Track System – As Extra Plugin
  • Media – Upload your Own logo
  • Manage Pages – Powerful Section for Managing all Pages in the System include the following Options Create New Page,Set Parent for Page, Chosing where to show the Page, Status, Landing Page …etc
  • Plugins – Simple Powerful Built in Plugin System for Install/Uninstall/Update the Extra Plugins as needed
  • Maintenance – For Resting,Backup and restore your data
  • Update – Remote Update/Manuel Update
  • Users Login/Register and Adminesteration – As Extra Plugin.
  • Editing / Publish Page – Instant inline Page Editor for changing Pages Content and Publish them
  • Dozens of Extra Plugins available in demands
  • Auto/Manuel Updating for the CMS/Plugins


  • PHP >= 5.5
  • No Database needed



  • Upload the content of sppcms folder in the Root or Sub Directory of your server.
  • Run the Script by typing the proper Url in the Browser.
    Ex1:when installed in root director http://www.mydomain.com/
    Ex2:when installed in sub director http://www.mydomain.com/subdirectory
    Note: The Script will run immediately. No need for any extra setup and hassles

Login to Admin

The Script has Simple, Easy and Powerful Admin Panel enable you to control the look and feel of your Application and more.

In order to log in to the Admin Panel enter the following Url in your Browser:

  • Ex1:when installed in root director http://www.mydomain.com/_AD
  • Ex2:when installed in sub director http://www.mydomain.com/subdirectory/_AD
    Login Username: admin
    Login Password: admin
    Note: You must change them immidiatly for security issues

Extra Plugins

There are Dozens of Extra Plugins available for purchase and we are ready for any special demand.

Live Demo

  • Frontend Demo:
    Click Here
  • Frontend Demo User Login:
    Click Here
    Login Username: user
    Login Password: user
    Note: User Login will be avialable only when the Extra Users Plugin be installed.
  • Backend Demo:
    Click Here
    Admin Username: admin
    Admin Password: admin

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