AccountPulse – Account Generator Template PHP


A simple to use Account-Generator template. It´s web-based and doesn´t use much recources. Automatic payments and a responsive interface ensure the best user experience. Highly customizable with over 20+ skins to fit your brand the best!


Our awesome Features:

  • News System
  • Shared Generators
  • Private Generators
  • 20+ Original Themes
  • Account Flaging System
  • Automatic Paypal Payments
  • Paysafecard Payments
  • Automatic Cryptocurrency Payments (Bitcoin, etc.)
  • Advanced Support System
  • Account History
  • ReCaptcha Bot Protection
  • Connection Log

Many more features!

Upcoming Features:

  • Affiliate System


  • Webhosting
  • PHP 7.x
  • MySQL Database


0)Change your PHP version to 7.2 ! 
1)Transfer all files to your website. 
2)go to /inc/ and configure the database settings. 
3)Go to your database, login and select your DB, then click “import” button and import the “database.sql” file. 
4)Then, go to your website and create yourself an account 
5)Go back to your database and select the users table 
6) change the value in the admin column of your account from 0 to 1 
7)Go to your website, login and click “Settings” and configure your site 
8)Create a account and setup your payment methods ( 
Questions? Bugs? 
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