Joomla Admin Hider – Joomla Extension


J!Admin Hider It’s a plugin that allows a Super Admin to assign different menu links in administration area, for all groups. It’s up to you.

Steps – Create a new group under Super Users group. (Example: Customer) – Add a new user in this group – Then go and edit for this second group, what are the menu links in administrator that you want the users from Customer group to see.

This is nice, if you dont want them to see the extensions menu, or the help menu..but if the user knows the full address of the hidden menu, he will be able to access it directly.

Example: Super Admin link: >> SITE >> My profile */administrator/index.php?option=com_admin&view=profile&layout=edit&id=200

Customer link is hidden, but if they access: */administrator/index.php?option=com_admin&view=profile&layout=edit&id=200 They are able to access it – because he has THE SAME right as Super Administrator (or the group that he is in)

The concept was started when I realise a customer that I give him Publisher permissions, but in some components (like VirtueMart) his access is somehow limited.

I want to give full access to a customer for entire site, but I want him to see only relevant links. (His profile, menus, articles, some components and only to modules)

That’s it happy.png I hope you like it.