Amazon MWS OpenCart Extension


Amazon MWS Extension for Update product quantity, This extension updates quantity of Amazon different stores on the basis of SKU of products. It supports these Amazon stores IN, US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, CA.The extension gives facility to define rules to take quantity from your store and update to your Amazon stores on the basis of cron job/scheduler or manually click on the link that are given in admin section.


  • Create an interface to set Amazon Store credential.
  • Supporting Stores IN, US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, CA.
  • Set Rule to update product quantity from local store to amazon store.
  • if Minimum Quantity not empty and minimum quantity less than local store product quantity then it update to Amazon product quantity to 0. Otherwise, if Update Quantity is not empty then calculate percentage of local store product quantity and updated this quantity to Amazon store product quantity otherwise update amazon store product quantity to same as your local store product quantity.
  • Give link to update manually or copy URL of link and set cron job.


  • Opencart 2.x


  • Copy folder upload to root path
  • Copy and paste files to your Opencart directory
  • Add as many modules as you like!
  • Go to admin section
  • Click on Extensions → Module
  • Install Amazon MWS
  • Edit Amazon MWS and setup credential of Amazon stores
  • Click on save
  • Set cron job for urls given in admin section
If you have permission problem *
  • Login to admin panel > Go to system > User > User groups  >  Click on edit of top administrator
  • Select all to access permission and modify permission.