Add To Cart Option Selection – OpenCart Extension


‘Add To Cart Option Selection’ for OpenCart is a well thought out and excellently made module to make customer’s online shopping experience better. This OpenCart extension allows a customer to see the different options available for a product and choose a product with those provided options on the Category page and other product listing modules like special products, bestseller products, etc. Also, after selecting the product with desired options, the price of that product update automatically(if applicable) on the same screen. And the selected product gets added to the cart directly, without visiting the product page.


  • Add options on the category page.
  • Add options on Bestseller Products Module.
  • Add options on Special Module and Special Products page.
  • Add options on Featured Products Module.
  • Add options on Latest Products Module.
  • VQMod based.


  • Opencart 2.x


  • Run path/vqmod/install to install VQMOD (if it is not installed before ).
  • Put XML files in VQMod/XML folder.
  • Put addoption.php file in product controller.