OptionView – View Product Options Opencart Module


Short description: Displays the product’s options outside its card

Version 1.0.0:

The module allows you to display the product options without going to its card.

Unit with options becomes visible when you hover over the item to the category (under the description).

The module also checks the number of the product and if it is not available, instead of the pop-up options window appears “product is not available.”

The administrative part of the module is a list of existing options from which the user selects only those that are needed. If the product has an option, but it is not selected for display, instead of options when you hover over items in the category will be the inscription “There are no choosen options for this product”

Version 1.1.0:

– When you hover on the item block with the count of this item in the stock is also displayed in addition to the options block.

Version 1.1.1:

– the administrative part has changed: the opportunity to view options block/block with the count of the item in the stock was added.

For his work uses VQmod!

The module supports English and Russian interface.

When installing, use the instructions in the file readme.txt

The installation VQmod to your site is describes in details in the current manual

Tested on:

opencart 1.5.6. *

opencart 1.5.5. *

opencart 1.5.4. *

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