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Product NameBitcoinWallet PHP Script
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With BitcoinWallet you can create own Bitcoin wallet, where customers can buy or sell bitcoins to admin. transfer or request bitcoins to other clients/addresses and etc. The product provide you 2 versions of script. First use API for wallet api, second use your own Bitcoin Core.


Main features

  • 2 templates bootstrap responsive templates
  • jQuery interface for exchange
  • jQuery calculator for fast amount calculation
  • Multilanguage System
  • Support RTL languages
  • Automatically get bitcoin price in 160 world currencies via Google Currency Convertor API
  • 3 steps for account verification
  • SSQL Security (Powered by me4onkof)
  • Nice UI
  • Email notifications
  • Wallet Addressess Manager
  • Wallet Transactions History
  • Buy bitcoins function (every registered client can buy bitcoins from website administrator if they are enabled this plugin)
  • Sell bitcoins function (every registered client can sell bitcoins to website administrator if they are enabled this plugin)
  • Transfer function (every registered client can use this function to transfer bitcoins to other bitcoin wallet address if admin are enabled this plugin)
  • Request bitcoins function (every registered client can use this function to send email by website to request some Bitcoins from other client, with included QR Code)
  • 2-factor auth (SECRET PIN) for transfer bitcoins function
  • Developers Plugin
  • and much more try in demo

3 steps account verification

  • Email verification
  • Document verification (Require admin approval of documents)
  • Mobile number verification (Use API)
  • Can be turned on/off every verification and if you turn off all, user will be actived after registration

Administrator features

  • Full admin dashboard
  • Can manage users
  • Can manage buy/sell requests
  • Can manage plugins
  • Can manage gateways
  • Can manage bitcoin prices
  • Templates manager
  • Languages manager
  • SMTP Settings
  • Bitcoin Settings
  • and much more try admin panel in demo below

Archive include:BitcoinWallet v2.0 which use APIBitcoinWallet v1.0 which use Bitcoin core
2 Responsive Bootstrap Templates included:


Apache 2 Serve
PHP 5.6 or PHP 7
PHP Extensions: gmp, mcrypt, mysqli
MySQL DB Server


Documentation is included in archive. If you need help with installation, feel free to contact us.

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