Mycraft – Minecraft Server Landing Page CMS


Mycraft – Minecraft Server Landing Page CMS

Mycraft CMS is the easy way to create a website for your minecraft server, the entire page content can be easily changed via an admin panel. Mycraft CMS provides plenty of space for custom content, such as a Minecraft and TeamSpeak Server-Status, an InGame trailer which can be integrated via YouTube URL, a server Personal overview with built-in Minecraft Profile Images and much more!

Check out the Demo:

Mainpage: Click here
Admin Dashboard: Click here
Username: admin
Password: demo


  • Easy to use
  • Admin Panel
  • Minecraft Server Status
  • TeamSpeak Server Status

 CHANGE LOG  //4 November 2017 v1.0 #Initial features   //19 November 2017 v2.0 #Mainpage design modified #Admin Dshboard modified #Show Player online added #Added some Links (eg. Donate, Rules...) #Added Server Event Section #Added Announcements Section #Added Copy to clipboard for Minecraft and TeamSpeak IP Adress #Fixed some minor bugs   //Mid Feb 2019 v3.0 (comming soon)         


  • Webspace or Server
  • PHP 7.x or 5.6
  • That’s it


  • Unzip the ZIP folder
  • Read the documentation
  • That was all