FBLead2SQL PHP Script

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Product NameFBLead2SQL PHP Script
Product Price $19
Product Market codester.com
Product CategoryMiscellaneous
Product Tags facebook, fblead, form, leads, MySQL, sql, sync, tables


this script allow you to map Facebook leads fields to your SQL table columns and sync data added in Facebook lead form to your database


  • Map Facebook leads fields to your SQL table columns
  • Sync data added in lead form to your database
  • Ajax Setting Page


  • SQL
  • Facebook app


  1. Add new FB Application for your site
    • Login Facebook under user having full access to needed Pages and their Lead forms
    • Go to https://developers.facebook.co… and add new Website App (Category = Business). Specify name and skip any quick starters.
    • Go to App Dashboard->Settings and provide App Domains(example:volaagency.com), click Add Platform->Website and provide Site URL (example:https://volaagency.com)
  2. Generate config for callback script using Config Wizard
    • Add database connection info to config.php
    • go to https//yourwebsitelink.com/fblead/
    • add table containing columns you wanna to sync 
    • Fill in App Id and App Secret fields and click button Start Subscription Process
    • Choose Page you want to subscribe to the App, then click Save Config
    • Map Facebook leads fields to each column in your table
    • After saving config all new leads confirmations from selected page will go to the callback script

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