Result And Payslip Calculation PHP Script


Result PHP Scripts:

 It has created to facilitate to solve the problem of result checking for institutions like School, Colleges and Universities. . When it comes to educational institution, it is often need to calculate exam grades, report statistics of average results, and how students have performed and these types of tasks are take a long time as well as put pressure on people if you do it manually. Result PHP Script is able to calculate result report card with Students exam grades & report statistics of average results by one click.Thats why this script would be perfect for any kind Educational system Management.

Payslip PHP Scripts:

This Script would be perfect for Individual employers or small business owners to find out the employee’s Payslip with very easily & quickly by one click just putting the employees working hours and wage rate. Payslip PHP calculation Script can perform calculation of employee’s net income, gross income, and tax deduction as well as superannuation payment .By this, Employers can maintain Payslips in weekly, Fortnightly or monthly as per the requirement.So,we can say that , Payslip PHP Scripts can be used in Payroll Management System.

Both PHP scripts are very easy and clear or simple enough to understand. Code is clean with proper commenting. So, anybody can edit or add information, data or values and make their own result or payslip format and best utilization of the application as per the requirements.

Documentation file has been provided with file for the clear and detailed explanations about the whole.


  • Calculate average result & worker payslip
  • Easy to edit or add data just as requirement
  • Clean coding and simple interface to use


  • PHP 5 or Higher
  • Check out complete the documentation file
  • Web Hosting with FTP Access


  • Exact all files in Zip file.
  • Upload them to your server
  • Access from a web browser