Krypto – Angular Crypto Currency Tracker


It’s an Angular Crypto Currencies application build with Angular(ngx) and @ngrx. Using this app you can build a service where your users can watch present crypto coins on the market!

The app is ready to go, you will only need a local server with npm installed, to build the production bundle and a web server with a domain/subdomain linked to it, to upload it on.


  • Bootstrap 4, Simple Design , cross-compatible
  • 1000+ coins (Bitcoin, Etherium, Dash etc)
  • Get coin price, market cap, supply, volume,  price fluctuations, graphs and more
  • Easy to install, no coding skills required
  • Ready to deploy to github pages


This is a simple guide how to set up your application.

1) Nodejs
Make sure you have lastest nodejs installed in your system and node is in your path.

2) Angular cli
Install Angular cli by running following command on your command prompt

npm install -g @angular/cli

Note: For more details…

3) Build

You can build your project by running

ng build –prod

4) Deploy to gh-pages

to Deploy your on gh-pages just run npm run deploy. Make sure your git remote repo is setup 

If you want to deploy it in any other place
after build just copy the content of your dist directory.