Daily Expense Manager – Android Source Code


Daily Expense Manager is simple, intuitive, stable app that is just designed for you. Daily Expense Manager is an application designed to maintain your income and expenses, your movements of money are recorded. Also, you can set your monthly Budget as well. This applications helps you to have a better control over your money. Just add new transactions when you are buying anything. It’s done in one click, because you need to fill the expense or income amount, payee or payer details. Now, you don’t need to remember your important task like Bill payment due date, Family members birthday, Anniversary etc. For that this application have reminder feature which helps you as well. In case, You fill incorrect Income, Expense or Reminder record you can delete also. You can also export your Monthly/Yearly report inform of PDF to better analysis. This app helps you to reduce your paper work and precious time


  • Intuitive and easy to use user interface.
  • Add new records extremely fast
  • Add income and expense day by day, classify them by category
  • Manage categories for income as well as expense, if defaults do not work for you
  • You can see your history for income and expense by month
  • Expense History
  • Income History
  • Set Reminder for important task
  • Delete incorrect Record like Income, Expense or Reminder
  • PieChart as well as BarChart for track your history
  • PieChart for generate monthly report for income/expense
  • PieChart for generate yearly report for income/expense
  • BarChart for generate summary report of income and expense
  • Export PDF report for better analize your Income/Expenses


  • Android Studio 2.3.1 or above
  • SDK version 4.4.2 to Latest


  • Follow the documentation given in .zip to Re-skin this app.

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