iSportsMan – Workout Trainer Android


Simplest sports workout tracker. Track your runs, walks, cycling,
hiking, skiing, sailing and all of the other fitness activities using
the GPS in your Android Phone. Effortlessly track any activity and
compete against yourself! If you decide to make the same route one more
time the app tells you in certain intervals if you are worse or better
compared to a saved route. In the notification you can see how good or
bad you are anytime. It is not even necessary to unlock you device, a
quick look to a notification is enough to see if you are slower than
before it can be incentive to push faster. It is possible to compete
against a specific, the best, closest to average or the worst
performance of an activity.


• Track your running, walking, cycling, hiking, skiing, sailing and other sports using GPS
• Compete against yourself
• Using FusedLocationProvider to minimizes usage of battery.
• Lets you view the route on a map
• Different type of map
• Intervals of saving positions
• Quick notification results

• AdMob ready
• Analytics ready
• Android Studio project


  • We provide full support so when you have questions, we’re here to answer.