Smart Android Info – Android Source Code


A very light application to view all the information about your android phone

Hardware information is categorized into:
– Device Info: Model, Manufacturer, Chipset, Build Number and Android OS version.
– System: CPU architecture, Board, Number of Cores, Clock Speed, CPU Features, Governor and Kernel information. As well as current CPU Utilization, Total running processes, and clock frequency of each core.
– Memory: Total and available RAM, as well as Storage information about your device.
– Camera: Detailed information about the primary and secondary camera in your phone. Along with supported resolutions, focus modes and AntiBanding modes.
– Thermal: Internal temperature of your Smartphone.
– Battery: Health, current level, power source, temperature, voltage.
– Sensors: All the sensors in your device with real-time testing.


  • Google Ads Integrated
  • Easy to Reskin
  • In-App Purchases added
  • Android version 4 to 0 Supported


  • Android Studio
  • Google Admob Ads
  • Play Console (to Publish App)


Changes Required in String.xml

  • Line 6 = change banner ad-unit-id
  • Line 7 = change interstitial ad-unit-id
  • Line 8 = change developer name
  • Line 9 = change billing id (from play console account for In-app purchases) in place of null
  • Line 10= change product id (for in-app purchases) in place of android.test.purchased
  • Line 11= change more apps Link
  • Change App icon