Device Cache Cleaner – Android App Source Code


  • Fast Cleaner & Battery Saver is multipurpose app for your device maintenance
  • It is designed to increase battery life with smart power saving modes
  • It clears the junk data and unwanted background running processes which makes phone fast. With temperature control you can initiate cooling effect as well .
  • Achieve Optimum cleaning by freeing up ram, memory and killing unwanted background running processes.
  • It clears all unnecessary apps and achieves optimum temperature with single tap.
  • Clear junk data, residual, temporary files and release the cache memory.
  • Save battery power by enabling ultra-Fast and extreme power saver modes.


  • Clear caches and close apps running in the background
  • Let you now how much your apps take from cpu or ram
  • Admob integrated (Banner and Interstitial ) in good places
  • OneSignal push notifications
  • Special permission request with a cool alert dialog
  • Rate and Privacy Policy features
  • Analyze all apps and descover caches or empty folders
  • Settings section
  • Ability to clear cache wen system starts
  • Ability to clear cache wen app starts
  • Exit app dialog with Rate Us feature
  • Flat and colorful design
  • Easy steps to upload it to google play


  • Change Package Name
  • Change Admob Banner And Interstitial Unit Ids
  • Change App Icons
  • Change OneSignal App Id


  • Photoshop or any other image editor software
  • A Google Developer account to submit apps to the Play Store
  • An AdMob account to generate your own Interstitial UNIT ID
  • An OneSignal account to generate your own app id for push notifications