Visual Adventure Novel – Android Adventure Game



Create your own adventure game. A visual novel very easy to create, with complete examples included. Just put your funds, your actors, your songs, and your text, and you will have a completely new game and yours.

If you have a good imagination you can create thousands of games of this genre using these bases.

Very easy to set up, very easy to edit. Try the beautiful results you can get !!!


Features and Included

  • Full source code
  • Tutorial and description in ENGLISH and ESPAÑOL ;D
  • XML templates code
  • Options SAVE and LOAD options implemented
  • Admob with insertials and banners
  • Images and backgrounds
  • BGMs
  • Apk
  • A lot of commands that do all the work for you.
  • And much more!…



  • Android 2.2 or greater
  • Eclipse or other ADT



Very easy to edit and create your own example, thanks to a long list of comfortable command to facilitate the work.