Space Shuttle Adventure – Buildbox Template


Space Shuttle Adventure is a 2D space shuttle simulation game. I have used the black background that give you the feelings like you are driving the shuttle in the space. When we talk about the the goal, we need to avoid the objects and obstacles that comes in the way and collect the red diamonds (Gems) to increase the score. There are two modes in the game and one hidden mode is also available. There are total six space shuttles in this game that starts unlocking after getting 200 red gems, you can easily make the changes in it.
 In the regular mode, you need to go to a fix path and it is also easy because the speed of the shuttle is also slow. When we talk about the infinity mode, we will find the randomly changing scenes that increases the fun of playing this game too much. In the regular mode, after completing the level 3, the turbo mode (Hidden Mode) will automatically enable that will give you another level of fun while playing this game.
 Now talk about the most important, smooth and best thing of this game. It is the advanced level acceleration that I have implemented in the driving of space shuttle to give you awesome experience. I better suggest you to please check the demo of this game.

Demo Apk:…

Demo Video: 


  • Advanced acceleration feature to give great level experience to the users.
  • Three worlds with their own and special features like speed, score, difficulties, scenes etc.
  • You have about 10 options to add the ads of different companies like-

 1. AdMob Ads
 2. Facebook Ads
 3. Chartboost Ads
 4. AppLovin Ads
 5. RevMob Ads
 6. PlayHeaven Ads
 7. Vungle Ads
 8. Mopub Ads
 9. HeyZap Ads
 10. Leadbolt Ads

  • When we talk about the sound, you are going to feel it at another level. Just listen the deep space sound after installing it in your phone because video of this game doesn’t have that quality of the sound.
  • Now, as you know the advanced acceleration feature, that is main function to control the shuttle, you can easily rotate it just by fingers.

So, these were some special features of this game, please try the demo apk for more.


You can export this Buildbox game to any platform you want to export like Android, IOS, Amazon, Window etc. It was developed it using BuilBox 2.3.7 with Pro subscription.

  • Android Studio to export it for Google Play.
  • XCode for IOS.
  • BuildBox latest version with Pro Subscription because this game has 3 worlds and more than 48 scenes.

You mainly need one of them but BuildBox pro subscription is compulsory. If you don’t have the BuildBox subscription than you can hire any freelancer that will do your reskinning work in too cheap price.


  • Import the .bbdoc file in Buildbox software.
  • Open the editor and change the things like name, package name, logo etc.
  • For ads, you only need to put the ad ids of the ad network you want to use out of 10 networks. That is very east task than you thing. You also need to set the ad priority in the scene.
  • Just replace the image of your game or change the values like speed etc within a few minutes and your game is ready.
  • Now export it according to you for Android, IOS, Window etc as you want.
  • For Example, to build it for Android you can import the project in android studio as a normal project that was exported by buildbox for android and then build the apk their.

For any other help, you can ask me anything or find the hundreds of tutorials available in the YouTube to reskin BuildBox game.