Deeds Diary – Android Studio Project


This application was made for people, whose want to conrol their deeds (actions, that they do). They can write about their deeds or situations and make conclusion about them. Moreover, users can review through the time all deeds, which they wrote and smile or cry about them. If you want to ask me some questions, do it! 


  • Pattern Lock Screen
  • Material Design
  • Change Pattern Lock function
  • AdMob (2 Interstitial Ads)
  • RateThisApp Window
  • NightMode
  • Password
  • ShareButton
  • Support about using and reskinning


  • Android Studio
  • AdMob account 


  • Open Main file by Android Studio
  • Change AdMob id on your 
  • Publish this application on Google Play 
  • Start making money 
  • All other information you can read in documentation of this app