Voting System With Android And iOS App


Voting System is a module of the upcoming Student Portal, a Student Management and Information System. This system is only intended for Student Council Elections but it can be updated and customised for any public election


This application offers one-time voting. Once the key is used to vote, the system will prohibit the access of the voting page.
This application encrypts the voting records to avoid direct data manipulation.
Real-time voting results.
Printing of Results and Voting Passes.
User and Candidate Management
native Project
Latest Xcode and Android Studio
Universal App 
Support iOS and Andriod
No code knowledge required
Easy to use
Easy to customise
Navigation Menu and Share (right and left)
Support RTL
Easy Setup Color Themes (with hexa color)
Push and history notifications (One Signal)
Load data from website or html file
Pull to refresh
Loading indicator
No internet connection dialog (in case there is no internet connection)
Commented Code (clean and easy to edit)
Free support (for bugs if founded)

– Admin adds an Organization e.g Harvard Campus Election.
– Admin then adds the Positions in that Organization.
– Admin then adds Nominees for those Positions
– Then the Voters vote.

– No Errors.
– Clean URLs
– Great Design both frontend and Backend.


HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL,PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 – 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.x, .apk, .java, .xml, .xib/.nib, JavaScript JS


1. Extract the package to your htdocs or www directory (U NO SAY?). You can put this in another sub-directory. By default, copy the files from new_voting folder to your directory, but if you wish to change it, reconfigure the .htaccess
2. Create and Import the database. Database is included in /database/new_voting.sql
3. By default, the database is named new_voting, if you wish to change it, reconfigure the database configuration file in /application/config/database.php. I bet you are intelligent enough what to change there.
4. To access the Administrator Panel, go to http://YOUR DOMAIN/sys/. Use the default username: maco and password: maco
5. To access the voting page, go to http://YOUR DOMAIN/index.php/. Use any of the Vote Pass in the admin platform
6. Shut down your computer and have a beer. YES. THIS IS MANDATORY.