Background Changer Eraser – Android Source Code


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Background Eraser is an amazing application which allows the user to erase his photo background automatically.

Auto Photo Background Changer is the most advanced Photo Editing tool to remove photo backgrounds and Change Photo Background transparent

Background Changer provides a fast and easy way to create amazing custom pictures. Just touch the area of picture which you want to erase and auto erase will automatically detect the entire area through color detection AI

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  1. Crop Photo Editor: You can crop, resize and rotate image easy to remove unwanted backgrounds and faster erased other parts of image
  2. Background Eraser: Background changer to remove background. Auto erase tools for one touch background remover. Use manual eraser for finger touch background remover, Restore eraser tolls for finger touch retrieve erase background. Zoom tools in background zoom in and out to accurately erase backgrounds. Soft-age Tolls provide more attractive finger touch eraser. Undo Redo Tools provide batter user experience to erase backgrounds
  3. Auto Crop Mode: Erase similar pixels automatically
  4. Extract Crop Mode: Select and erase objects which you want to remove accurately, by using markers
  5. Lasso Crop Mode: eraser for area selection background eraser
  6. Paste Photo Editor: You can paste that image on any other picture or on our existing 50+ HD backgrounds. You can set image overlay to make your photo amazing. Pinch to zoom in and out to make your editing perfect.
  7. Photo Collage Editor: Erase background and regular photos in single collage and add Text and stickers to your photo. You can flip photo in any direction at any time. Sticker tools proveide stickers opacity, color, and size. Text tools provide texts font, style, color and shaddow. Enhance tools provide to set opacity, brightness, contrast and saturation for better user experience.
  8. Blend Me Photo Editor: Mixup multiple images with attractive backgrounds and effects. Adjust fade, contrast and opacity to blend it properly. Unlimited photo blender and photo mixer tolls available. Photo effects with advanced tools like double exposure, multi exposure, blending, mixing, effects, overlays and many more.
  9. Share Photo: You can remove watermark for watching full video ads and Share your custom photo with your friends on social networks


  • Android Studio IDE
  • AdMob Ids(Banner and Interstitial)
  • Developer account
  • Read documentation carefully


  • Open Project in Android Studio
  • Replace your Icone, AdMod Ids, change title, change package name, generate signed APK – There you Go – Upload that new APK to your Google play console.    
  • Export it as Apk and publish it
  • Every Step are well documented in documentation.