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Product NameStackCommerce Affiliate PHP Script
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StackCommerce linked stores that you can earn 10% on each sale from SkillWise, StackSocial, Shop On Market and Citizen Goods.

Creating a StackCommerce partner account

Why be a StackCommerce partner/affiliate?

StackCommerce sources amazing products, tell captivating stories, and ultimately put incredible
products in the hands of millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

StackCommerce was Founded in 2011 and is based in Venice, CA. StackCommerce has paid partners about $50,000,000, StackCommerce Enables discovery of 4,000,000 products, StackCommerce has saved customers about $1,500,000,000


  • All the required instructions are documented clearly (please check documentation)
  • NB : you require a stackcommerce partner account first for the script to work for you


  • Stackcommerce affiliate/partner key
  • Live local/testing/production server (Linux/Windows/Xampp)


  • Sell Deals on your own
  • Earn 10% partner fee for all items sold (Courses,Gadgets and more)
  • Run updated deals (using cronless or easycron) – all documented

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