Body Workout – iOS Full Template


‘Body workout’ is an iOS full application template, which includes sport tips and video instructions of exercises to lose weight and burn a lot of calories. If you are looking for a good motivation – this app is for you. Motivation category consists of photos of strong and fit people and wise, famous and legendary sportsmen people’ quotes. Get the energy and explore your own limits. Workout and never ever give up! – you will se how your body is changing and your life, too.


  • AdMob banner to show ADS 
  • AdMob interstitial to show ADS 
  • In-app purchase 
  • Professional minimalistic design 
  • Video content 
  • Sharing functionality 
  • Photo of the day category 
  • Easy to re-skin 
  • Full iOS application 
  • Simple menu navigation


Xcode, Macbook, iPhone


Download the ‘main file and documentation’ folder, open the documentation file and follow the instructions.