Ecommerce App UI Screens Flutter


The Risen root UI kit can be used for e-commerce/Grocery App applications in Android and IOS devices. 

It contains 30+ Screens of fully-documented frontend code which can save you time. Easy to connect with your back end.

With thorough documentation it is easy to connect with your backend as well.
The screens are thoroughly tested for different screen sizes and resolutions.

Download the Android apk file here:
Watch the full demonstration here:

You can also write to us at [email protected]
or message me on skype: srineesh.salur.

All future updates and documentation for this product are included in the price above.

Thank you for buying my theme have a great day.


30+Screens including

– Main screen.
– Profile page
– Categories Page
– Quick buy page
– Chat page.
– Sign in/Signup page
– 3 onBoarding screens.
… and many more.

Full documentation and free updates for life.

Dedicated customer support for the theme.


This theme assumes you have familiarity with Flutter. 

If you follow the documentation you needn’t need much technical familiarity to use our code.


1. Install flutter in your system by following the video below.

For windows:

2. Unzip the file and open the code in a dev envinorment(for ex: Android studio or VS code )

3. goto pubspec.yaml file and run save the file (OR) go to termial and type flutter pub get

4. Run the code in the emulator and you are good to go.